Handcrafted Silver, Hallmarked and Personalised Cufflinks.  Perfect gifts for your Wedding Day, Birthday, Anniversary or a Special Celebration, Graduation etc.  Each Cufflink can be personalised with up to 5 characters or left blank if you would prefer.
Signiture Cufflinks
Signiture Cufflinks

Signiture Cufflinks

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The Wedding Day Cufflink

These can be personalised with either your initials or up to 5 characters on each cufflinks so you could choose 

MR & MRS, MR & MR, MRS & MRS ... Celebrate your wedding day promises together with these handcrafted and personalised Silver Cufflinks, they are gift boxed and gift-bag - please let us know if you would like a note adding in with your order to make the day extra special.  Why not keep as a beautiful keepsake and re-create your Wedding Day on each of your anniversaries dressing up and remembering your special day and how far you have come since (yes I’m a full-blown romantic - but hey why not ?!)

The Best Man, Groom, Usher or Page-boy Gift 

Why not gift those special people celebrating your Wedding day with a beautifully handcrafted, personalised and Silver pair of Cufflinks - they make the perfect keepsake and are the perfect way to thank your tribe who have always been by your side throughout your life.


The Birthday or Anniversary Gift, Father’s Day Gift

Another perfect way to gift and personalise these gorgeous handcrafted, silver and personalised Cufflinks for that special man in your life - whether that is your partner, hubby, boyfriend, son or a friend for a Birthday, Wedding Gift, 18th, 21st, Graduation - the list goes on and on and on......you just have to order and I will created them Especially for you from SilverBoo.

For your information - these Cufflinks are made to order, and personalisation is by hand and not machine manufactured and will therefore have imperfections, the cufflinks are Hallmarked via the Assay office and have a lead time of approx 2wks depending on orders at that time, please message us if you have any questions or would like to include a note in with your order to gift to the recipient to make it extra special. 

Thanks for buying a beautiful piece of SilverBoo Jewellery, I hope that you love it! Now for the boring bit; as you know, all jewellery benefits from regular cleaning and careful handling, so here are a few tips to help keep your SilverBoo Jewellery piece in perfect condition.

Our Care Advice

It is important to realise that precious metals are delicate, soft and malleable, therefore snapping or bending can occur with careless treatment. So, for example, be careful when putting your jewellery on and removing it, and be wary of catching it or damaging it by dropping your piece. 

I'd always recommend being mindful of any activities or factors that could put particular strain on the jewellery, these could include participating in sport, taking a bath, or wearing to bed.

    Exposure to moisture, bath salts, fake tan as well creams (like sun block or after-sun), perfumes, body-spray and makeup can all encourage tarnish to build up over time. Tarnish can also develop over time when jewellery is left stored touching other items of jewellery.

    There are a few methods to help combat tarnish on your jewellery, one option is to purchase a Silver Polishing Cloth which you will be able to find in-store or here in the shop section of this site. If you don't want to do this I suggest you clean your jewellery regularly in mild soapy water, using a soft toothbrush to gently polish.

    Finally, try to avoid running charms back and forth across your chain or bangle as it will wear the silver and eventually weaken them. When wearing cuffs and bangles try to avoid bending or stretching them when putting them on or taking them off. Unfortunately if damage occurs due to wear and tear an item cannot be replaced, although I am able to make repairs for a small fee. 

    A Few Suggestions

    • Do put your jewellery on last when dressing as perfume, hair and body sprays can tarnish silver. 
    • Do clean carefully and regularly to avoid the build up of tarnish and grime on your silver jewellery. 
    • Do wear your jewellery often - your silver and gold will become a richer colour and more beautiful the more it is worn, and the more it becomes a part of your everyday!
    • Don't do the washing up or household cleaning whilst wearing your jewellery, as the chemicals found in cleaning products can cause silver to tarnish. 
    • Don't just sling your piece into your jewellery box, be careful as you put it away as jewellery will get scratched and will tarnish when stored touching other jewellery.  
    • Don't swim in your jewellery as the chlorine can cause silver to tarnish.