The Lux Gold Jewellery Collection

      Introducing our Lux Gold Collection
      Welcome to this brand new collection of Bespoke Gold handmade jewellery.
      This jewellery has been thoughtfully made with love, care and attention and many pieces will be “one-off” created from ethically sourced materials making each one unique.
      We will continue to create Sentimental Bespoke orders for customers, this is something we have been building alongside our core business for some time now. Meeting with customers, we discuss options on how to re-work existing pieces that they have fallen out of love with, or don’t wear any more.  We work with Gold and Diamonds from broken rings/chains and bracelets etc adding a little SilverBoo magic to create stunning new handmade gold jewellery pieces that quickly become new favs.
       We work with UK Hallmarked Gold and this is declared when sent off to the Assay Office for Hallmarking required by law. 
      We have created Wedding Rings, gold Engagement Rings, Eternity Rings, re-set Diamonds in rings, Necklaces/Keepsakes for Grandchildren, down to and not forgetting simple handmade gold ring bands created from old pieces of Gold belonging to loved ones no longer with us, making these pieces extra special. 
      We are looking to grow our business in an organic and sustainable way, and love repurposing gold jewellery into new and beautiful sentimental jewellery, as this is the ultimate example of sustainability. 
      We hope you will love this Brand new Collection of Lux handmade Gold Jewellery giving our website the "Lux Feel" and you the customer even more options to choose from.