Sustainable Jewellery

As a mum of 3 gorgeous boys my perspective on life on this planet (being so fleeting) in the scheme of things often makes me stop and think about how things will be for my children down the line. So trying to make small changes to improve the way we do things is incredibly important to me.

For all of us recycling, and being conscious and learning about our planet and sustainability and the way we do things is ever changing and fast moving. It’s important to make small changes and keep learning and being open to seeing how we can improve. It is not an overnight fix, but if we can all do a little bit then a little bit more - what amazing changes we can make happen together for Mother Nature and this beautiful Blue planet that is our home.

Making small changes and being open with customers is really important to me. So by looking at everything from packaging, being created from recycled materials and also being recyclable has been in place since starting SilverBoo. Choices have and will constantly improve which is great. Often these choices are a little more expensive, but worth it in my humble opinion.

Sourcing materials wherever possible from Uk Suppliers, including other small family businesses and sole traders is an ever constant focus. This means I can keep my deliveries closer to home and also support other small UK businesses too at the same time - Win Win !! 


My scrap silver is recycled into either sheet, wire or other pieces of beautiful new jewellery including freeform and hand cast pieces. Most of which I carry out in the studio, and some is sent to another Uk Small business to be handled in large quantities and melted to be rolled into sheet form.

It is so important that any left over scraps are fully reworked into beautiful jewellery. The fabulous thing about precious metals is they have no expiry date, and can be heated and reworked many times over which is why I’m so in love with my craft and the creative element of silversmithing. 

Trying to source the best suppliers and Uk businesses that align with a similar ethos and care about how their materials and precious stones etc are sourced is also very important to me. 

Any packaging from deliveries is reused wherever possible and if not ,is recycled.

Turning down heating, switching off sockets when not in use and overnight are all the little changes done on a daily basis. The business Studio I’m based at uses solar energy and anything not used is sold back to the grid as well as extra electricity not used.

So, back to the very beginning - it really is the little and constant changes we make that can make a positive difference to our planet. These core values are an integral part of my business which I love.

“Especially for you from SilverBoo” has been the tag line of my business since day one. Creating beautiful pieces of jewellery that my customers love and shout about, is for me my own kind of success. 

So, no matter what you do in life… do it with love and happiness and determination and drive, and remember if you fall down, take a moment, dust yourself off and get right back up again, we are none of us perfect, but if you can strive to be a kind and caring human being good things will happen for you. I wish each and everyone of you all the love and happiness this beautiful world can give you. 

Go forth and be your amazing self people !! 

Much love Tracey x