Sustainable Jewellery

Staying on track and trying to be as sustainable as possible, starts with sourcing materials within the UK.  We source from reputable UK Main Suppliers, small family businesses and sole traders.  This results in our deliveries being closer to home helping to lower our carbon footprint, and supporting other small UK businesses just like SilverBoo.

Any leftover silver/gold is recycled into either sheet, wire or other pieces of beautiful new jewellery including brand new designs, freeform and hand cast pieces, giving it a new lease of life.  Most of our left-over silver/gold is dealt with in our SilverBoo studio, and occasionally it will be sent to another UK small business to be melted down and rolled into sheet form. 

From the very beginning of SilverBoo, it was my aim to use every possible scrap within my designs - our “Motto” being “No scrap left behind”. An example of a freeform hand cast piece which has been made completely out of left-over materials are our Molton Studs. Many pieces in  our Lux Gold, free-form and Bespoke are also either entirely recycled materials or partially, and ALL are ethically sourced.  It is incredibly important to use wherever possible  ethically sourced and recycled materials.

 We are striving to improve this  constantly.  We have  chosen to invest  in brand new equipment that will aid in repurposing our silver and gold scraps more efficiently in-house. We  are registered to purchase FairTrade Gold.  


We are incredibly proud to be offering  within our Bespoke Services  to work closely with customers repurposing their own Gold and Diamonds  into beautiful and new contemporary pieces of Wedding Jewellery, Wedding Bands, Gifts  and heirlooms to pass down to the next generation.  More thoughtful and sustainable pieces are close to Tracey’s heart and something she  is incredibly passionate to incorporate within the Core of her business and particularly after Covid has found her niche in Bespoke Commissions.


 If this is something you would be interested in discussing - please drop us your details on our contact form 


The great thing about precious metals is they have no expiry date, and therefore can be heated and reworked many times over, which is why I’m so in love with my craft and the creative element of being a silversmith and jeweller.


When sourcing within the UK we go with businesses that align with a similar ethos and care about how their materials and precious stones are sourced. Sharing the same ethos and sustainable track is important to our business. We ensure that any packaging from any delivery is reused and recyclable to keep everything moving in the cycle.


Within the studio we make sure to turn down heating, turn lights and switches off when not in use to lower the energy usage daily. Even the small changes add up into helping reduce the carbon footprint. The studio base also uses solar energy, and anything not used is sold back to the grid as well as extra electricity not used.


With the world changing constantly we will always aim to improve how we work at SilverBoo and how we can reduce our carbon footprint. Being able to fulfil my passion of jewellery making while meeting my core values and making positive changes to our planet is an overall personal success to me.


Love from T xxx