Wild Reclaimed Sustainable Jewellery

      Sustainability is a big part of SilverBoo Jewellery. 
      Each piece in this collection is made from our left over scraps form other projects, and given a second lease of life within our sustainable collection called Wild Reclaimed.
      No pair is identical to another and creating its own unique identity, giving you the choice to style and layer up your way.
      Our Wild Reclaimed range will also be packaged on a Eco-friendly, Bio-gradable seeded  heart paper, so once you receive your jewellery you can plant the card and give back to the earth!  ( Planting instructions: Plant a piece of seed paper under a thin layer of soil. Water well and regularly. Place the pot in a sunny and warm corner. Watch the flowers grow! ) 
      Staying true to our core values of 'no scrap left behind' which is a very important message within our business, as everything in this collection is 100% Sustainable !
      We use all UK suppliers for all metals, stones and other materials to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions to reduce our carbon footprint.
      Even within the studio we are conscious of our energy usage.
      Why not read our Wild Reclaimed blog , to learn the process that we go through to create our 100% sustainable jewellery from recycled silver and gold.