Wild Reclaimed

We are excited to be introducing our brand new “Wild Reclaimed” eco range.
We have been looking at ways to expand our range of sustainable jewellery, and we feel this is the perfect fit for SilverBoo.  So treating yourself to a little SilverBoo Bling has never been easier, more affordable and guilt-free knowing you are making a purchase  whilst also being an eco-conscious shopper.
We will be adding these pieces as and when we can, starting with earrings, and each one will be completely unique, so get them whilst you can.  Even the posts and scrolls that are used with these earrings are made from 100% recycled sterling silver!  
Although we will try to follow similar designs, the end results will be dictated by the old piece of jewellery or scrap material we are reworking, and so will be ever evolving - sometimes there will just be 1 or 2 of a particular design, other times 5 or 6 ! We just never know. 
This is how we intend to keep  the cost of these little pretties low, as a thank you for your support.  Each of us are under pressure with the cost of living rising, and so this is one way we at SilverBoo feel we can support our customers both new and old.  So please spread the word and send your friends and family to SilverBoo so we can keep doing what we are doing. 
As an extra little thank you - when you buy a pair of these Wild Reclaimed earrings they will be mounted on on a “Seeded heart card” which has been created by a small Etsy business - so you can plant your heart and see what grows as an extra little surprise - not green fingered? Why not re-gift as a gift tag for the lucky recipient to plant as their extra little surprise?
Planting instructions: Plant a piece of seed paper under a thin layer of soil. Water well and regularly. Place the pot in a sunny and warm corner. Watch the flowers grow!
Repurposing and using up every scrap of left over silver has always been at the very core of SilverBoo, we love finding different ways to expand this across our collections. It has always been, and always will be, important to be conscious in the way we run our business and make little improvements as and when possible to keep us on the right path, doing our bit for Mother Earth.  To date any scrap and left over silver and gold material has been melted down and used to re-create new and beautiful designs, as well as in our Bespoke and Freeform pieces.  
We are now looking at  any offcuts and pieces that are in desperately need of a boost and/or re-working, so they can be re-purposed into a delicate earring etc.  
In this way we can be even more self-sufficient and re-purpose even the smallest scraps and discarded pieces here at  SilverBoo studio. 
 Alongside left over waste/scraps of silver and gold, including re-cycled sheet or wire Tracey just feels this is a great way to extend our Sustainable collection and says designs are often dictated from existing pieces, i.e. our Delicate Curve bar Earrings, have been created by cutting, filing and soldering an older bangle that was  been textured and left in our scrap box.  In other designs she just tries different things to see if they work - case in point our Whirl Studs. (See the pics at the end of this blog xx)
Old pieces of wire and crosses left over in our scrap box have been cut down and repurposed into Mini rounded bar earrings, The Mini Triangles have been off-cuts from corners of engraved pieces made from recycled sheet as the corners weren’t used in the original design.  Once you look at a piece the natural design becomes obvious !
There are inevitably other left over pieces from these offcuts that are marked or unsuitable in the above type of designs, which then fall into our Molton Stud, Freeform Designs or Moonscape pieces.  With these particular designs scraps are weighed out and melted down. Some will be polished and neatened, others left in their cast and melted form adding a beautiful textured finish that is just so tactile !  Keep an eye out for new editions of this collection, such as our unisex Zodiac jewellery pieces, for a more personal option. (pictures below of the Zodiac charm being made) It is often more work involved to repurpose pieces in this way - but when you look at the ethos and end result we feel it is absolutely worth it !!
Even our silver dust which is collected when we file pieces has been sprinkled onto the ickle Delicate Triangle earrings to give the outside a texture for interest, again illustrating the lengths we are going to to use up every little bit wherever we can. 
So, as you can see the exciting part of our base materials is that they have no expiry date, and can be melted and reworked in so many different ways helping SilverBoo.  Helping  us to move further towards our goal of becoming more ethical, and sustainable by  repurposing our  scrap and left over materials into new and beautiful pieces of jewellery - Especially for you from SilverBoo.  
It is fantastic to see that customers are becoming more eco-conscious and are actively searching out ethical brands who are working hard to become more conscious and provide a wider range of sustainable jewellery- we hope you will love this new Brand Collection of “Wild Reclaimed” and more importantly support us by buying and treated yourselves guilt free to these little treats -Especially  for you from SilverBoo. 
We love that you are wanting to be a part of this with SilverBoo !
Love T xxx