Sizing Guide

SilverBoo Studio's Sizing charts are here to help you get the perfect fit for you.  
Bangles should be snug going on but have room to move once in place.  
Your cuff  should fit snugly but not too tightly.  When you put it on it should be at the most narrow part of the wrist and then turned to sit in place correctly, not squeezed to fit or forced on over the widest part of the wrist as this will cause stress to the metal resulting in the piece eventually snapping. 
You can purchase a ring Multisizer from us to check your fit.
You will note on our product details for the Ring Multisizer because of our drive to be sustainable  wherever possible, as these are plastic and can’t be recycled - our aim is to keep them in circulation for as long as possible. So take care when you open your packaging, once used if you cannot pass it on to another to use then you can post it back to us in the same condition and sanitised and we will refund you, so it can be re-used by another customer. Thank you for supporting us in this small way.
If you have any difficulties please contact us!