The SilverBoo Story

Handcrafted and bespoke silver jewellery, made especially for you, from SilverBoo Jewellery.

SilverBoo Jewellery is a handmade jewellery business, based in Lincolnshire, owned by Tracey.

Inspired by the environment, nature and love of all things family SilverBoo Jewellery prides itself on creating products that really do capture that “Especially for You” feeling.

SilverBoo Jewellery make a range of pieces for special occasions, to capture a memory or to wear every day.

All jewellery is handmade with love and care by Tracey at her SilverBoo Studio. You can learn more about Tracey’s work at the Studio via her regular posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Tracey is the sole creative force behind SilverBoo Jewellery. Her designs are inspired by her love for where she lives, her family and her fondness for the natural environment. Every piece of jewellery reflects her personality - kind, caring and passionate.

Tracey only uses ethically sourced materials from trusted suppliers. Every effort is made to ensure that each aspect of the creative process, including final packaging, reflects environmentally sustainable principles.