The SilverBoo Story

Handcrafted and bespoke silver jewellery, made especially for you, from SilverBoo.

Hi, my name is Tracey and I’m the owner and creative force behind SilverBoo. Every piece is forged by hand in my workshop, starting life as a piece of silver sheet or wire; and being handcrafted into something beautiful and unique in just a matter of hours. 

Working with silver and other precious metals is what I love to do, my obsession with the intricate and fascinating process of making beautiful jewellery from a lump of metal is where SilverBoo came from. 

SilverBoo has been an incredible journey now extending to premises, offering a front of house shop along with SilverBoo Jewellery Workshops.  Whilst I still handcraft each individual design and oversee before going out the door my love of making jewellery just increases with each new year and season.  I spent the first few years building a social media presence using Facebook and Instagram building a loyal customer base, and have now expanded into the online world with a fantastic new website for all your SilverBoo needs.

I work with UK Suppliers, using ethically sourced materials and recycled gift-packaging as best I can. SilverBoo offers a wide range of jewellery including Bangles, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Cufflinks and lots more.

I hope you fall in love with SilverBoo and start your journey today - building your collection your way, to be as special as you are! x