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Maxi Shell Necklace
Maxi Shell Necklace

Maxi Shell Necklace

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This Silver Maxi Shell Necklace is a beautiful statement shell and big brother to the Silver Midi Shell Necklace - cast in Silver from a shell found on Cleethorpes Beach. One of my earliest memories is of visiting Cleethorpes Beach and then taking our 3 boys every weekend sunshine or rain, you can often find me now almost every weekend walking our pooches Monty and Teddy - they absolutely love it!

Shells remind me of travel, and walks by the beach, I love the sound of the water lapping on the shore it is so relaxing and calming, Cleethorpes Beach is one of my most fav places to go to get back to nature and the power of the sea, so I can recharge and just get some perspective.

When I opened the SilverBoo Studio, it seemed only right to introduce a bigger and better shell to our growing SeaSpirit collection, so here it is the Silver Maxi Shell Necklace - the Ultimate Statement Shell Necklace you could ever treat yourself to.

Matching bangle and earrings available. If you’re looking for something more extra on a night out check out our Maxi Chunky Clam Shell Necklace.

CHARM   Maxi Shell

CHARM SIZE   36.72mm x 42mm 

METAL.  9.25 Sterling Silver 

CHAIN THICKNESS  Width of link 3.1mm x link length 4.3mm

CHAIN LENGTH   28 inches