Zodiac Signs

The zodiac symbols are the Astrological signs of the twelve 30-degree sectors that make up Earth's 360-degress orbit around the sun. There are many other alternate zodiac signs and symbols depending on what culture you look into. The 12 signs listed below are all constellations, and at night in the sky its sometimes possible to spot a few depending where you are, and if you know what you are looking for!!
These Astrological signs are: Aries (The Ram), Taurus ( The Bull), Gemini (The Twins), Cancer (The Crab), Leo (The Lion), Virgo (The Maiden), Libra ( The Scales), Scorpio (The Scorpion), Sagittarius ( The Archer), Capricorn (The Goat), Aquarius (The Water) and Pisces (The Fish).
These Signs all correspond with different months and dates within the year. 
Zodiac themed items are usually very popular for birthday gifts as they are more personal to that individual. Our spin of these pieces are made to order as they are all bespoke pieces and are not made in bulk. 
In our Lincolnshire studio, we decided to create a  zodiac piece of jewellery, which started by using 100% recycled 925 Sterling Silver to make a thick disc like charm that would go on a belcher chain for a necklace. Each charm differs in size however they are not too chunky yet not too delicate therefore can be worn by everyone making it a unisex piece.
Each charm is slightly different in size and weight as they are all formed from left over silver, melted and handcrafted back into wearable pieces. These necklaces perfectly fit in within our Wild Reclaimed Range and our Personalisation options as they are both sustainable and personalised. The beauty of them all being unique is it reflects what the different zodiac signs represent as they show different personalities which these charms definitely do!! 
Below are the process pictures of making these sustainable bespoke charms!