Sustainable Jewellery

The term ‘sustainable’ is becoming quite a buzzword, in a variety of different forms. As the world starts to transition towards a greener future, people are starting to choose ethical and sustainable products wherever possible. So how does this apply to the world of jewellery? In essence, it is the responsible sourcing practices within the jewellery supply chain, as well as the use of sustainable jewellery materials. 

The concept behind sustainable jewellery is that there is a minimal impact on the environment, and no conflict is involved. It also means that workers are given fair wages, and practice in safe working environments. The best way to think about this is diamond mining and shifting away from the traditional ways of manufacturing to more laboratory-based methods.

Traceability & Research

One of the big difficulties within the jewellery industry is traceability, which is knowing exactly where the materials which make up the item come from. While it is becoming a greater concern for buyers, most people still want a stunning piece of handmade, bespoke jewellery that looks the part. That is something we are working on changing here at SilverBoo as not only do we want our customers to look the part with their stunning handmade jewellery, but also put their minds at ease knowing the materials are sustainably sourced.

When you are purchasing sustainable jewellery or ethical jewellery the main things to ask yourself are:

  • Where were the gems purchased?
  • What social impact does the brand have - do they give back?
  • Are the materials made from recycled metals, or were they ethically sourced?

It is important to look at the bigger picture too, for example consider a brand’s packaging. Here at SilverBoo not only do we recycle any scrap silver into sheets, wire or other beautiful pieces of bespoke jewellery, our SilverBoo packaging is made from recycled materials. There are lots of little things we do in the studio to reduce our carbon footprint as a business too, which doesn’t necessarily show within the products we create. Trust us, we are doing our bit to help save this beautiful planet we live on.

Quality Over Quantity

Buying a piece of ethically sourced jewellery is usually a well-thought-out purchase and not a decision that you rush into. This means that the piece of jewellery needs to be even more special, as well as aligning with your social and environmental values. Here at SilverBoo we are able to ethically-source gems that are mined in ways that support our values. Improving workers rights, and demonstrating a fair rate of pay. 

Lab-grown diamonds are another way in which we strive to create sustainable jewellery. These diamonds are produced using heat and pressure (as they would be in the natural environment), but using machines to create the pressure. This removes the need for dangerous mining in high-pressure environments as high-pressure temperature systems or a chemical vapour deposition system is used within a laboratory. It is always best to look for certified carbon-neutral lab-grown diamond companies as these machines themselves require lots of electricity to power them.

Why Choose SilverBoo For Sustainable Jewellery

Since starting SilverBoo, we have created our packaging from recycled materials and all of our scrap silver is redesigned into something else to give it a new lease of life. Precious metals have no expiry date, which makes them even more special as they can be reheated and reworked time and time again. 

Molton Stud Earrings - Sustainable Jewellery | SilverBoo Jewellery

By taking the time to research and partner with the very best UK suppliers and businesses, this has meant that we collaborate with those who have a similar ethos and approach to sustainability. They care as much about where their materials and precious stones are sourced as much as we do. Allowing us to create truly sustainable jewellery and ethical jewellery at all times.

For more information on our sustainability values, please feel free to contact us or browse the website for your next piece of sustainable jewellery or ethical jewellery.